Inside the Roxy Theatre


Nancy Power Theatre

The Nancy Power Theatre is The Roxy’s main stage theatre. With a design that showcases the history of the old Roxy Theatre, the main stage was updated and improved to provide the same intimacy as the former Roxy, with a 200 person capacity and top of the line  theatrical tools for artists and audiences.

Black Box Theatre

Lorne Cardinal Theatre

The Lorne Cardinal Theatre is a flexible space ideal for smaller productions with a max capacity of 80-seats. This space will also be located in the downstairs area and open up to the lobby for larger events. The main and lower floors include gathering spaces and bar service with the upper floor including access to a rooftop patio. A new addition to Theatre Network’s programming will be three, permanent art gallery walls. Also inside are all the machinations of a multi-venue theatre, including: multi-purpose green room, wardrobe department, carpentry shop, administration office, and rooftop patio. No matter where you go in the building there are opportunities for activity in the form of party or performance.

Visual Art Gallery

Miller Art Gallery

This new space allows us to support even more artists and expand our programming into the visual arts space. Curated by Jared Tabler, the Peck Visual Arts program is delighted to present its first exhibition, sponsored by Syncrude Canada, artist Jason Carter. In keeping with our values, Jared’s curatorial vision for our program is to celebrate contemporary Canadian art and artists. Additionally, thanks to the generous support of Syndrude Canada, we are able to share that Jason Carter’s work will be the first in our Murray Permanent Art Collection for Theatre Network.

rehearsal & Gathering space

Rehearsal Hall

Our rehearsal hall is a beautiful space for artists to work and create in. It can also host small performances and events.