Theatre Network Announces Our 45th Season

Sep 05, 2019

After an amazing 2018/2019 season that lead to a Sterling Award for Outstanding Production of a Play (We Are Not Alone) and capped off with the ground breaking for a new Roxy Theatre, Theatre Network is pleased to announce our 45th season which takes place at The Roxy on Gateway in Old Strathcona.
One of the playwrights in this year’s season said to me “This is my favourite play that I have written so far, or maybe I always say that after I completed the play.”  I thought ‘gee I think that way about our seasons and that this year that is my favourite, or do I feel that way each season?’. And then I thought ‘well I better think that each season we share with audiences is our favourite season!’
Welcome to Theatre Network’s favourite season (so far) as we embark on a bunch of great plays by Canada’s top playwrights and where we dive into serious discussions and then on a dime laugh and celebrate the world we live in.
– Bradley Moss

Theatre Network Mainstage Season

Bed and Breakfast
By Mark Crawford

Nov 19 – Dec 8 2019
Previews Nov 19 and 20 | Opening November 21

When Brett inherits the small-town family estate, he and his partner Drew uproot their life in Toronto to renovate the home into a modern B&B. As the couple works to transform their lives and property, their presence shakes up the new neighbours – for better or for worse. A fast paced and heart-warming comedy where two actors play over twenty characters who weave their way through Brett and Drew’s lives as they work to build a new home and bring a community together.
Featuring: Mathew Hulshof
Director: Bradley Moss
The Society for the Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius
By Colleen Murphy
Jan 28 – Feb 16, 2020
Previews Jan 13 and 14 | Opening January 13
Theatre Network is pleased to welcome The Society For The Destitute Presents Titus Bouffonius by Colleen Murphy. With their shockingly dark and deranged humour, this award-winning troupe is known to get audiences laughing so hard they lose their minds. “The worst revenge is the best revenge,” in a hilarious and unforgettable adaptation of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus.
Warning: Clowns at work! Grotesque story-telling; many, many bloody body parts used for parody. Not for the faint of heart.
Director: Bradley Moss
Bouffon Coach: Michael Kennard
Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes
By Hannah Moscovitch
April 21 – May 10, 2020
Previews April 21 and 22 | Opening April 23
An author and professor at the end of his third marriage.
A university student with artistic promise and her hard-to-miss red coat.
An exchange of artistic admirations that builds to an intoxicating sexual tension.
Hannah Moscovitch’s latest play asks us to confront how structures of power distort our perceptions of love.
Featuring: Dave Horak & Gianna Vacirca
Director: Marianne Copithorne
Photography: Ryan Parker
Nextfest 2020
A Production of the Nextfest Arts Company
June 4 – June 14, 2020
A celebration of the creative voice of the next generation, Nextfest is a multidisciplinary art festival that promotes the development of emerging artists. Stage, screen, page, and everywhere imaginable in between, converge as we gather to celebrate with over 600 of Alberta’s emerging artists.
Festival Director: Ellen Chorley
Festival Producer: Maggie Barton Baird

The Roxy Series 2019/2020

Theatre Network continues to support excellence in Edmonton’s independent theatre scene by providing space for professional indie theatre companies with The Roxy Performance Series, curated by TN’s Artistic Director Bradley Moss. Here is what you can see in this year’s series.
Alberta Musical Theatre Company presents
Sleeping Beauty
Book by Farren Timoteo
Music by Jeff Unger
September 19 – 22 & 28-29, 2019
Amidst overgrown vines and crumbling walls of stone, an age-old story quietly echoes in the abandoned halls of a long-forgotten castle. The story of a kingdom in peril, and a princess cursed to an eternal sleep by a dark fairy. A story of magic, fate, and choice longing to awaken and to be shared once more. This is the story of Sleeping Beauty. This award-nominated re-imagining of the classic tale promises to be an experience you won’t forget!
Featuring: Alyson Horne, Aran Wilson-McAnally, Kelsey Visscher
Director: Farren Timoteo
Serial Collective presents
E Day
By Jason Chinn
Oct 15 – 27, 2019
Previews Oct 15 and 16 | Opening October 17
A political comedy set in an NDP campaign office during the historic 2015 Alberta provincial election. A parachute candidate is dropped into the race at the last minute putting the pressure on the candidate and his campaigners, and putting an orange wave victory at risk. Jason Chinn (Bitches, Ladies Who Lynch, Murderers Confess at Christmastime) brings the chaotic scene inside an Alberta campaign office to life in this new, large-cast, rapid-fire comedy.
Director: Dave Horak
Wild Side Productions presents
The Children
By Lucy Kirkwood
March 10 – March 22, 2020
Previews March 10 and 11 | Opening March 12
A taut eco-thriller from one of Britain’s hot new playwrights.  A tsunami devastates England’s eastern coast, leaving in its wake a nuclear disaster at a nearby power plant.  Hazel and Robin, two retired scientists, have retreated to their summer cottage in the Exclusion Zone, hoping to patch together the semblance of a normal life.  But a surprise visit after 38 years from Rose—a colleague from their previous life—reignites past frictions and begs the mysterious question: why has she come?
Director: Jim Guedo
Hey Ladies!
October 4, December 13, 2019
February 28, May 15 2020
Hey Ladies! is an infotainment comedy show where the best shenanigans life has to offer are gathered to together and brought to the stage for your enjoyment. Come join the fun, multi-gendered audience and spend an IRL evening with Ms. Leona, Ms. Davina, Ms. Cathleen and their tattooed nemesis, Mr. Noel. Every show is different with tons o’ laughs, surprising prizes, booze, great guests, bodacious booty shaking, and occasional chaos.
Girl Brain
December 14, 2019
February 29, March 28, May 16, 2020
Girl Brain celebrates the beauty, complexity, and messiness of everyday life through sketch comedy. Created and performed by Alyson Dicey, Caley Suliak and Ellie Heath, this troupe has taken off since their debut in April 2018. In addition to a host of sold-out performances, they were named Best Comedy Show in Edmonton (Vue Weekly, 2018). They’ve earned rave reviews on local, national and international stages and are thrilled to bring their Girl Brain humour to the Roxy this season!

 Tickets, Season Passes, & more information available ONLINE