Thirteen Hands by Carol Shields

Thirteen Hands by Carol Shields

by Carol Shields

We couldn’t see into the future, of course we couldn’t. The future was too far away. But we could see as far as Tuesday night. And that was enough.
Thirteen Hands by Carol Shields

This new Canadian play with music is a funny, affectionate and inventive examination of the lives of the ordinary women of the weekly bridge game; their relations with each other, their hopes, dreams and fears, the details and rituals of their lives. The play follows the path of a long running – 73 years – bridge quartet, the original players dubbed the Martha Circle. Across the decades, the four actors portray the successive generations of card-playing women: mothers, daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters.

Playwright: Carol Shields
Director: Ben Henderson
Cast: Roberta Mauer Phillips, Bonnie Green, Colleen Tillotson and Patricia Casey Production Designer: Robert Shannon Composer: Paul Morgan Donald Stage Manager: Gina Moe Assistant Stage Manager: Allan Bassil




Recent Stage Management credits include: THE EMPRESS & THE PRIME MINISTER and THE LAST FIVE YEARS for Theatre Network; OH CHRISTMAS TREE for the Roxy Series; THE COLOR PURPLE for The Citadel Theatre; THE BAD SEED, SHOCKER’S DELIGHT and THE SALON OF THE TALKING TURK for Teatro La Quindicina; and WITCH HUNT AT THE STRAND for Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre.