The Third Ascent by Frank Moher

The Third Ascent by Frank Moher

by Frank Moher

This is Moher's most flamboyantly theatrical show yet. - Edmonton Sun
The Third Ascent by Frank Moher

A theatrically vivid depiction of Henry Stimson, US Secretary of War under FDR and later Harry Truman, and the man most responsible for the bombing of Hiroshima. He was also an avid mountain-climber, and the play moves rapidly between the events leading up to the bombing and a series of ascents of Great Chief Mountain in Southern Alberta, to investigate the question of how a good man becomes involved in a horrific deed. Part of the Carlton Theatre Trail Exchange.

Playwright: Frank Moher
Director: Stephen Heatley
Cast: Len Crowther, Bill Davidson, Kent Gallie, David Mann, Michael Spencer-Davis and Raul Tome Set/Costume Designer: Daniel van Heyst Lighting Designer: Robyn Ayles Musical Designer: Doug Blackley Stage Manager: Terri Gillis Technical Director: Alastair Elliot House Technician: Geoffrey Jackson Costume Assistant: Jane Spidell

January 28 – February 14, 1988, Theatre Network, Edmonton

February 18 – March 5, 1988, 25th Street Theatre, Saskatoon