The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine

The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine

by Robert Morgan, Martha Ross & Leah Cherniak

March 16– February 26, 2006

...two of the most focussed, committed and yet unbridled comic performances I saw all year. - Vue Magazine
The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine

“I’ve been thinking about the words ‘you always hurt the one you love’ and I’ve begun to wonder to myself from time to time, who exactly is the ‘you’? Who is hurting who?”

Ernest and Ernestine are misfits in love. After a brief and torrid courtship, they move in to a cramped basement suite that they share with a huge old furnace that has a life of it’s own. As the apartment overheats, so does their relationship. In a series of brief and revealing scenes, we see their relationship shift from a romantic ideal to desperate disillusionment. Delivered with large scoop of physicality, anyone who has been in love for any length of time will recognize themselves in the wickedly funny and surprisingly touching The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine.

Ernest George Szilagyi
Ernestine Sharla Matkin

Director Tracy Carroll
Sound Design Paul Morgan Donald

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March 16– February 26, 2006

Previews March 15
Opening March 16




Sharla is pleased to be back on the Roxy stage, having first appeared in NO! PLEASE at the inaugural NextFest. More recently, she reprised her Sterling Award-winning performance of Ernestine in THE ANGER IN ERNEST AND ERNESTINE. She will be next appearing in PENELOPE VS. THE ALIENS! at the Citadel Theatre in April. The mother of two young children, Sharla is not a “Hockey Mom” yet, but every playoffs she is a “Hockey Widow”. Much love to George, Elijah and Rainy.



George’s first role was in kindergarten, where he played one of The Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens; he forgot the words to the song, and felt funny wearing a leotard. His mom was watching, which made it worse. He has since rebounded, having appeared on the Roxy stage in The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine (Aarrgghh!! Productions), The Black Rider (November Theatre/Theatre Network), Dinner with Friends (Theatre Buffet Co-op). His play Hockey Stories for Boys was produced at the Roxy by Azimuth Theatre. George promises to remember most of the words, and assures us that he has learned to love the soft caress of a pair of leotards.