Mom, Dad, I’m Living With A White Girl by Marty Chan

Mom, Dad, I’m Living With A White Girl by Marty Chan

by Marty Chan

This isn’t supposed to be how it ends. The west is supposed to defeat the east. The girl is supposed to go off with the boy. The heroes have to win.
Mom, Dad, I’m Living With A White Girl by Marty Chan

Mark Gee moves in with his Caucasian girlfriend Sally, but is too afraid of telling his traditional Chinese parents about his new living arrangements. Instead, he hides the truth as he introduces Sally to Mom and Dad in the hopes that they will like her. Fears turn into fantasies as the real time scenes are interwoven with scenes from the Yellow Claw, a satire on the racist movie series about a Chinese overlord trying to invade the west. The play skewers Asian stereotypes and examines the trials and tribulations of inter-racial romances. In the end, Mark must choose between his family and Sally.

Director: Ben Henderson

Featuring: Patrick Gallagher, Caroline Livingstone, Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull and Laara Ong




Caroline’s favourite credits include A DYBBUK FOR TWO, HOUSE OF SACRED COWS (Northern Light Theatre), STOP KISS (Kill Your Television), MARION BRIDGE, EXCAVATIONS, MOM DAD I’M LIVING WITH A WHITE GIRL (Theatre Network), CRUEL TEARS , COSI, WIZARD OF OZ (Globe Theatre), MAMA MIA! ME A MAMA? (Big Mama Productions) and ELEKTRA, THE ABUNDANCE TRILOGY,SONGS FOR SINNERS (Catalyst Theatre) ROUGH CROSSING (Theatre Calgary ). When Caroline is not acting she directs, most recently voice overs for Jade Empire a game produced and created by BioWare, an Edmonton based video game company . Enjoy the show