Welcome to Theatre Fabulous

Welcome to Theatre Fabulous

by Edward Connell, Stephen Heatley and Conni Massing

April 20– May 7, 1989

At the centre of the play is a brave and personal performance from Heatley, who courageously creates a comic Candide from the raw materials of his own image and his own public voice. - Edmonton Journal
Welcome to Theatre Fabulous

We invite you to come along with Peter on a quest for the answer to every artist’s question: “Why do I do this?” Join Peter as he desperately prepares for the upcoming production of One Magic Moment in the newly renovated Theatre Fabulous… Will the script be finished in time for rehearsals? Will Peter find actors for the as-yet-unwritten roles? Most important, will Peter ever sense the magic of live theatre again?

Playwrights: Edward Connell, Stephen Heatley and Conni Massing
Director: Greg Dowler-Coltman
Cast: Jeff Haslam, Stephen Heatley and Valerie Pearson
Musical Director: Elsie Hepburn
Set/Costume Designer: Daniel van Heyst
Lighting Designer: Robyn Ayles
Stage Manager: Jennifer Lambert Jones
Technical Director: Geoffrey Jackson
In House Technician: Terry Gordon

“So welcome to Theatre Fabulous!
It’s on your toes! It’s places please!
It’s time for those soliloquies,
So welcome to Theatre Fabulous!”

April 20– May 7, 1989

Opening April 20




Jeff last appeared with Theatre Network in HABITAT in 2006. Among his previous credits with the company are THE LAST BUS, UNCLE JOE AGAIN, and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POLE. He’s just completed his second years as Artistic Director of Teatro La Quindicina, where in addition to recent onstage appearances in THE OCULIST’S HOLIDAY, MOTHER OF THE YEAR, CONNIE IN EGYPT, HAPPY TOES, and A ROCKY NIGHT FOR HIS NIBS, he also directed THRUBWELL’S PIES, and produced the hit musical EVERYBODY GOES TO MITZI’S. Jeff’s other recent projects include appearing in HMS PINAFORE for the Edmonton Opera, and writing and performing for CBC Radio’s THE IRRELEVANT SHOW. He’s a four-time Sterling Award winner, for performances in BURN THIS, 2-2-TANGO, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and CITIZEN PLATE. He’s also a core company member of the live improvised soap opera DIE-NASTY, and last February, he improvised for 50 straight hours in the SOAPATHON in London, England. Jeff continues to appear as Eros, god of Love on the monthly variety show OH SUSANNA at the Varscona. In December, he’ll once again appear as George Bailey in Teatro’s holiday presentation of the live radio version of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, and in the New Year he’ll be in DIAL M FOR MURDER at the The Mayfield Dinner Theatre.