Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs

by Frank Moher

October 24– November 10, 1985

Odd Jobs is a little gem of a play. - Edmonton Journal
Odd Jobs

A young unemployed welder is faced with a lesson in life, dignity and caring when he is hired to help a retired professor. Torn by obligation and duty, his job becomes more than a job. A tender, compelling story about a very special relationship. A co-production with Catalyst Theatre. Odd Jobs was nominated for the Governor General’s Award for Drama. Part of Plays in Progress.

Playwright: Frank Moher
Director: Jan Selman
Cast: Eric Kramer, Christine MacInnis and Mary Monks Production Designer: Morris Ertman Stage Manager: Lance D. Olson Technical Director: Alastair Elliot Live Music: Tom Jamieson and Jamie Philp

“Love of work. The blood singing
in that. The fine high rise
of it into the work. A man says,
I’m working. Or, I worked today.
Or, I’m trying to make it work.” – Raymond Carver (poem quoted in the original playbill, and in the introduction to the script)

October 24– November 10, 1985

Opening October 24




Christine is very pleased to be back in Edmonton at Theatre Network. The last time she appeared on this stage was in Judith Thompson’s PERFECT PIE, directed by Marianne Copithorne. Recently Christine has been living and working in Saskatchewan where she works primarily in film and television. Recent credits include CBC’s THE VELVET DEVIL and THE TOMMY DOUGLAS STORY and recurring roles in APTN’s RENEGADEPRESS.COM and MOCCASIN FLATS, the feature film MOVE CLOSER and the play I LICKED A SLAGS DEODERANT for Wildside Productions. You may remember Christine from days gone by as a staple of the Edmonton Theatre scene for many years. She then went off to Toronto where she became a Huge Star ! – but, alas the trappings of the celebrity life were overwhelming and it brought her back out west to her roots and her beloved Edmonton Oilers.