Nextfest Music Showcase 2024

Nextfest Music Showcase 2024

One stage, one show, five acts. Music at Nextfest returns with a brilliant multi-genre showcase overflowing with emerging talent. Bring a blanket, and your friends, and settle in for some incredible local music in the park.

On Thursday June 6, 2024 at 7:00 pm join us for our music series at Helen Nolan Park (12327 108 Ave NW) across the street and a block away from the Roxy on 124th. Catch all these emerging music artists there! 



Singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and,most importantly, a music lover. IRE aims to use his music as a living diary to document his experiences and hopefully help someone somewhere who might be experiencing something similar.


Zia Baby CEO

Zia Baby CEO makes enigmatic artpop based in experimental production techniques, the place between knowledge and intuition, and loving inquiry.


lawrence teeth 

lawrence teeth is the music project of artist seth cardinal dodginghorse. lawrence teeth blends alternative rock, slow-core, grunge and shoegaze in a genre seth describes as pastelwave. In 2024, lawrence teeth will be releasing their album titled “catholic ladders” which was recorded in the Residential School seth’s grandfather went to.


Tamarack Cunningham 

People call Tamarack a folk singer, which isn’t exactly wrong. It’s catchy indie-prog-folk with sharp, playful lyrics covering culture shock or Edmonton’s identity crisis. After years of playing Métis music, afro-pop, and garage rock, his music sounds kinda like all those things, and not much like any of those things.


Billy Graham 

Billy Graham is an Edmonton based singer, songwriter, and producer. His music is inspired by 70s spy thrillers, the hits of the second British Invasion, and long walks in the grocery store.

June 6, 2024 @ 7PM
Helen Nolan Park (12327 108 Ave NW)