Nextfest Dance Program 3: SPATIAL

Nextfest Dance Program 3: SPATIAL

including 9 Graha, The Hubble Space Telescope Dance, Clickbait (Jun 8 & 9 only), Working Title

June 7 - June 9

Nextfest Dance Program 3: SPATIAL

Dance Program 3: SPATIAL includes 4 individual pieces (see below for more). We kindly ask that all patrons remain for the duration of all pieces in this program, out of respect to the performers. There will not be the opportunity to leave between pieces.

Warning: Audiences encouraged to check content warnings

curated by Samantha Ketsa

curation mentorship by Rebecca Sadowski

stage managed by Andrea Murphy

lighting designed by Skye Grinde

apprenticed by Katherine Mackenzie

9 Graha

choreographed by and featuring Madhushri Deshpande

‘9Graha’ – In ancient Indian culture, it is believed that the positioning of the nine elements of the solar system control the behaviour of humankind and hold them accountable for their actions and reactions. In this Bharatanatyam dance production, we will be presenting this concept with a live Carnatic style music ensemble, composed
in different ragas (tunes) based on the importance of the elements being presented.

The Hubble Space Telescope Dance

choreographed and performed by Claudia Kulay

The Hubble Space Telescope orbits once every 95 minutes at approximately 525 km above the Earth. She was launched on April 24th, 1990, making it so that she was been working very hard to deliver information about space through photographs for nearly 34 years. She takes photos of galaxies unknown, strange planets and abandoned space objects.


(Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9 only)

choreographed and performed by Rumi Jeraj and Max Hanic

A duet that is as fast paced and ultimately as absurd as a scroll through one’s tik tok feed. We are changing and translating constantly and we are giving nothing and everything at the same time.

Clickbait plays in the SPATIAL program on Saturday, June 8 and Sunday, June 9 only. 

Clickbait also plays in the SYNAPTIC program on Friday, June 7.

Working Title

choreographed and performed by Rena Adell Eyamie and Aly Turgeon

Being an emerging dance artist is daunting and exhilarating. Every day feels like the
first. Every tool is familiar yet foreign. Sense is often nowhere to be found. Instead of searching for guidelines that don’t exist, we’ll be brave enough to try and fail. Please laugh, or it’s too real.

June 7 - June 9

Fri Jun 7 @ 7 PM
Sat Jun 8 @ 9 PM
Sun Jun 9 @ 4:30 PM
The Roxy Theatre:
Nancy Power Theatre
General (G)

Run Time 60 minutes
incl. $1.00 fee
Audiences encouraged to check content warnings

Our dance showcases are curated by our friends at Good Women Dance Collective, showcasing emerging choreography and movement.

This year’s dance programming features an eclectic gathering of artists from across the country whose creative journeys have been marked by their time at the waypoint of Edmonton, somewhere along the way. In that same spirit, we hope that these projects may also leave a mark on your journey with dance, wherever you may be.