Nextfest Dance Program 1: SEWN

Nextfest Dance Program 1: SEWN

featuring INTERWEAVE, weaving strands, Tapestry

May 31 - June 2

Nextfest Dance Program 1: SEWN

Dance Program 1: SEWN includes 3 individual pieces (see below for more).

We kindly ask that all patrons remain for the duration of all pieces in this program, out of respect to the performers. There will not be the opportunity to leave between pieces.

Warning: This an 18+ event, audiences encouraged to check content warnings.

curated by Samantha Ketsa

curation mentorship by Rebecca Sadowski

stage managed by Andrea Murphy

lighting designed by Skye Grinde

apprenticed by Katherine Mackenzie


choreographed and performed by Kaili Che and Carla Alcántara

INTERWEAVE is an evolving, high-energy physical theatre and contemporary dance duet that embraces the importance of play, laughter, and imagination in daily life. They use movement, puppetry, partnering, groovy music, and bright colourful props, to paint the space with characters and storytelling.

weaving strands

choreographed and performed by Ashley Mae Johnston

Weaving strands is inspired by a 1950s landscape of being a woman and the complexities of female empowerment associated with sexuality and the nude body. It explores ideas of body neutrality while embracing the many forms of our personalities, and how these can both exist at the same time.


choreographed by Desirée Swain and Paige Hanic | performed by Desirée Swain and Paige Hanic, Keaton Smith, and Sean Croal

Tapestry is a collaboration between tap- dancer/choreographers Paige Hanic and Desiree Swain, and guitarist/composer Keaton Smith. With this original piece, they explore groove, lyricism, and improvisation, experimenting with the ways tap dance can blur the lines between choreography and composition, acting as a visual medium as well as playing a percussive role in the context of a band.

May 31 - June 2

Fri May 31 @ 5 PM
Sat Jun 1 @ 2 PM
Sun Jun 2 @ 9 PM
The Roxy Theatre:
Nancy Power Theatre

Run Time 60 minutes
incl. $1.00 fee
This an 18+ event, audiences encouraged to check content warnings.

Our dance showcases are curated by our friends at Good Women Dance Collective, showcasing emerging choreography and movement.

This year’s dance programming features an eclectic gathering of artists from across the country whose creative journeys have been marked by their time at the waypoint of Edmonton, somewhere along the way. In that same spirit, we hope that these projects may also leave a mark on your journey with dance, wherever you may be.