Melody Farm by Ken Mitchell

Melody Farm by Ken Mitchell

by Ken Mitchell

What [the actors] achieve in the absence of language is a fascinating physical eloquence. - Edmonton Journal
Melody Farm by Ken Mitchell

A touching drama set in a group home for mentally challenged adolescents. It is a story of human warmth and survival as these young men are forced to cope with this place they must call home, and a world not of their own making.

Playwright: Ken Mitchell
Director: Tom Bentley-Fisher
Cast: Steve Mousseau, Mary Hawkins, Susan Williamson, Christopher Moore, Rod Wilson, Kevin Moore and Richard Wolfe Designer: Stancil Campbell Stage Manager: Cheryl L. Hoover Costume Designer: Elizabeth Wilks Technical Director: Cecil Beaudet

February 6–22, 1987, 25th Street Theatre, Saskatoon

February 26 – March 15, 1987, Theatre Network, Edmonton