Magic Moment by Edward Connell

Magic Moment by Edward Connell

by Edward Connell

Magic Moment by Edward Connell

Magic Moments highlights some of the best work musical craftsman Edward Connell has done. Witness numbers as sweetly innocent as “I Miss the Magic” (from The Other Side of the Pole), to songs as nasty and naughty as “Hot to Trot” (from Fool’s Edge).

Playwright: Edward Connell
Director: Edward Connell and Stephen Heatley
Cast: Stephen Heatley, Valerie Pearson, Bradley C. Rudy and Cathy Derkach




Cathy was last seen in a mausoleum, an apartment and on a bus in Workshop West’s SECRET SPACES: THE BUS PROJECT. Theatre Network shows include most recently PERFECT PIE (directed by Marianne Copithorne), and long ago THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POLE (directed by Stephen Heatley). Cathy has been performing in and out of Edmonton for the past 16 years. She has played many times in many really big shows with Teatro La Quindicina, The Citadel, and Leave it to Jane (founding member). Cathy is also a musician, musical director, Pisces, and a mother of two beautiful girls. She had a fish once…