High School Set 1: Reflections

High School Set 1: Reflections

June 1 - June 8

High School Set 1: Reflections

Warning: Please refer to the Content Warnings Package available at the venue or online.

The Lost Morning

Written and directed by Landen Flamont Baxter and Jessica Huynh

Featuring Meena Al-Bachachi, Ada Fenger, Hailey Burgess, Lucas Potskin, Maison Lidster-Whitstone, Alex Stout, Sean, Asha, Morgan Stewart, Jaydon Leong, Rachel Pasmeny, Jonah Zazula, Fern Weimer, Lysia Wase, Tailor Cameron, Jordan White, Katya Anderson, Nataila Jimenez, and Emma Brown.


Murder, mystery and betrayal – a group of friends gather for a graduation farewell and never leave. Grade 12 student Vivian Smith, embarks on a journey to find her friend’s killer.

Dear Wind

Written and directed by Lila Maxwell

Featuring Ella Schaloske, Ivy Degagné, Meredith Zhang, Abby Witte and Alexandra McClelland.


What could happen when the Wind gets to meet a person for the first time? This show is an homage and letter to the element we all know and that some love. We see how desire, loneliness and fate can bring two very different yet mirrored strangers together, to show us a new kind of love.

The Starving Artist

Written by Beatrix Stone & directed by Beau Aske

Featuring Amira Najmeddine and Quinn Yerex.


The story of Mara, an abstract painter on the up and up who finds inspiration in Henry, an eye-catching jazz singer with a humble reputation. The Starving Artist is a commentary on art, happiness, and the balance between self and expression.

June 1 - June 8

Sat Jun 1 @ 11 AM
Sat Jun 8 @ 9 PM
The Roxy Theatre:
Lorne Cardinal Theatre
General (G)

Run Time 60 minutes
incl. $1.00 fee
Please refer to the Content Warnings Package available at the venue or online.