Good Government

Good Government

by James Barmby

February 7– March 17,1991

It's a snappy production all around. - Edmonton Journal
Good Government

“You do exactly as you’re told, and do nothing without precedent. That’s what good government is all about.”

Can a C minus graduate rise rapidly through the ranks of the civil service? You bet! Join the intrepid Buzz Sawyer as he is sucked into the bureaucratic maze of the Ministry of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. A delightful satire about depravity, corruption and true love in the halls of Good Government! Performed as a part of the 1991 Repertory Festival.

Playwright: James Barmby
Director: Pat Benedict
Cast: Julien Arnold, Cathy Derkach, John B. Lowe, David Mann, Jeff Haslam, Ian Ferguson, Michael Spencer-Davis and Valerie Pearson Set Designer: Daniel van Heyst Costume Designer: Heather Redfern Lighting Designer: Alastair Elliot Stage Manager: Heather Moore


February 7– March 17,1991

Opening February 7




Julien has been acting, directing, and teaching professionally here in Edmonton for about 20 years. He has worked with many of city’s theatres, including The Citadel Theatre, Teatro La Quindicina, Workshop West, Theatre Network, Leave It To Jane, and Northern Light Theatre. His recent acting credits include Happy Toes at this year’s fringe, as well as As You Like It and Richard III with the Freewill Shakespeare Festival in July. His last two shows at Network (as an actor) were Closer and Closer Apart, and the popular Irish comedy A Skull in Connemara. Julien also directed the sequel to that play The Lonesome West as a part of last season’s Roxy Performance Series, featuring two of his present classmates, Collin and James. Look for Julien later this season in the Citadel’s annual production of A Christmas Carol, as well as The Wizard of Oz. Julien would like to thank Brad Moss for his great generosity of spirit, and for all his great advice and encouragement over the last several years.



Cathy was last seen in a mausoleum, an apartment and on a bus in Workshop West’s SECRET SPACES: THE BUS PROJECT. Theatre Network shows include most recently PERFECT PIE (directed by Marianne Copithorne), and long ago THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POLE (directed by Stephen Heatley). Cathy has been performing in and out of Edmonton for the past 16 years. She has played many times in many really big shows with Teatro La Quindicina, The Citadel, and Leave it to Jane (founding member). Cathy is also a musician, musical director, Pisces, and a mother of two beautiful girls. She had a fish once…



Jeff last appeared with Theatre Network in HABITAT in 2006. Among his previous credits with the company are THE LAST BUS, UNCLE JOE AGAIN, and THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POLE. He’s just completed his second years as Artistic Director of Teatro La Quindicina, where in addition to recent onstage appearances in THE OCULIST’S HOLIDAY, MOTHER OF THE YEAR, CONNIE IN EGYPT, HAPPY TOES, and A ROCKY NIGHT FOR HIS NIBS, he also directed THRUBWELL’S PIES, and produced the hit musical EVERYBODY GOES TO MITZI’S. Jeff’s other recent projects include appearing in HMS PINAFORE for the Edmonton Opera, and writing and performing for CBC Radio’s THE IRRELEVANT SHOW. He’s a four-time Sterling Award winner, for performances in BURN THIS, 2-2-TANGO, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and CITIZEN PLATE. He’s also a core company member of the live improvised soap opera DIE-NASTY, and last February, he improvised for 50 straight hours in the SOAPATHON in London, England. Jeff continues to appear as Eros, god of Love on the monthly variety show OH SUSANNA at the Varscona. In December, he’ll once again appear as George Bailey in Teatro’s holiday presentation of the live radio version of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, and in the New Year he’ll be in DIAL M FOR MURDER at the The Mayfield Dinner Theatre.