Girl in the Goldfish Bowl

Girl in the Goldfish Bowl

by Morris Panych

November 17- December 4

...a production that rivets from start to finish. - Eye Weekly (Toronto)
Girl in the Goldfish Bowl

“My mother says you know when you’ve grown up. It’s the moment you stop being happy and start remembering when you used to be.”

It’s 1962 and the Cold War is at its peak. For ten-year-old Iris, not only is the world on the brink of extinction, so is her childhood. When the eccentric young girl discovers an amnesiac drifter on the shores of a remote BC fishing town, she’s sure he’s the reincarnation of her goldfish, sent to rescue her family and her youth.

Written by one of Canada’s most acclaimed playwrights, Girl in the Goldfish Bowl is hilarious, yet heart breaking. The award-winning play brings back the absurdity, pain and beauty of growing up.

Starring: Clinton Carew, Cathy Derkach, Linda Grass, Caroline Livingstone, and George Szilagyi
Director: Bradley Moss
Set Designer: Narda McCarroll
Lighting Designer: David Fraser
Sound Designer: Dave Clarke
Costume Designer: Harvey Anderson
Stage Manager: Betty Hushlak
Apprentice Stage Manager: Gina Puntil

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November 17- December 4

Previews November 15
Opening November 17




Clinton is beside himself to be working on this project with Human Loser Theatre and Morgan Smith. Previously, he directed Morgan’s play Electra at the Edmonton Fringe. In 2013, he directed and translated Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters for Broken Toys Theatre. This is his first time directing for the Roxy stage, but not his first time integrating cheer routines into a theatre show.



Cathy was last seen in a mausoleum, an apartment and on a bus in Workshop West’s SECRET SPACES: THE BUS PROJECT. Theatre Network shows include most recently PERFECT PIE (directed by Marianne Copithorne), and long ago THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POLE (directed by Stephen Heatley). Cathy has been performing in and out of Edmonton for the past 16 years. She has played many times in many really big shows with Teatro La Quindicina, The Citadel, and Leave it to Jane (founding member). Cathy is also a musician, musical director, Pisces, and a mother of two beautiful girls. She had a fish once…



Linda is overjoyed to be part of this talented ensemble cast performing DINNER WITH FRIENDS, as it is a combination of her three most favorite things (hint- one of them is Trevor). Most recently, she appeared in NIGHT NURSES IN AN INSANE ASYLUM for Northern Light’s URBEN TALES 9, and previous to that as a most competent school teacher in MISS MARGARIDA’S WAY for NLT (with Trevor). This summer she worked with Trevor for Guy’s In Disguise as Zarah Leander in THE NEO-NANCIES: HITLER’S KICKLINE. Linda is the only one in this cast who has not won a Sterling. (Even Trevor has). But she was nominated once for the role of Miss Rose in Theatre Network’s production of GIRL IN A GOLDFISH BOWL. However, Davina has graciously offered to loan Linda one of her own Sterlings because she has so many. Now, THAT’s a friend!



Caroline’s favourite credits include A DYBBUK FOR TWO, HOUSE OF SACRED COWS (Northern Light Theatre), STOP KISS (Kill Your Television), MARION BRIDGE, EXCAVATIONS, MOM DAD I’M LIVING WITH A WHITE GIRL (Theatre Network), CRUEL TEARS , COSI, WIZARD OF OZ (Globe Theatre), MAMA MIA! ME A MAMA? (Big Mama Productions) and ELEKTRA, THE ABUNDANCE TRILOGY,SONGS FOR SINNERS (Catalyst Theatre) ROUGH CROSSING (Theatre Calgary ). When Caroline is not acting she directs, most recently voice overs for Jade Empire a game produced and created by BioWare, an Edmonton based video game company . Enjoy the show



George’s first role was in kindergarten, where he played one of The Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens; he forgot the words to the song, and felt funny wearing a leotard. His mom was watching, which made it worse. He has since rebounded, having appeared on the Roxy stage in The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine (Aarrgghh!! Productions), The Black Rider (November Theatre/Theatre Network), Dinner with Friends (Theatre Buffet Co-op). His play Hockey Stories for Boys was produced at the Roxy by Azimuth Theatre. George promises to remember most of the words, and assures us that he has learned to love the soft caress of a pair of leotards.


Bradley is an MFA graduate in directing from the University Alberta. He joined Theatre Network in 1996 to create the multidisciplinary emerging artist festival – Nextfest. In 2014 Bradley accepted the dual role of Artistic & Executive Director for Theatre Network. Some recent productions include: BED AND BREAKFAST, THE EMPRESS & THE PRIME MINISTER, MINERVA – QUEEN OF THE HANDCUFFS, INFINITY, The Sterling Award Winning Production IRMA VOTH, BUST, GORDON, RED, THE LAST FIVE YEARS, ARMSTRONG’S WAR, the Governor General Nominated THE GRAVITATIONAL PULL OF BERNICE TRIMBLE, the Sterling Award Winning LITTLE ONE, DRIVING MISS DAISY, the Governor General Award Winning PIG GIRL, the Sterling Award Winning LET THE LIGHT OF DAY THROUGH, WHERE THE BLOOD MIXES, IN ON IT, MOVING ALONG, TWELFTH NIGHT, PUBLIC SPEAKING, DOG, THUNDERSTICK, BUDDY, ALIAS GODOT, MISERY, CLOSER AND CLOSER APART, the Sterling Award Winning SUMMER OF MY AMAZING LUCK, TRUE WEST, GIRL IN THE GOLDFISH BOWL, HOSANNA, MARION BRIDGE, A SKULL IN CONNEMARA, the Sterling Award Winning glam rock musical HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, and HIGH LIFE.



Narda is very happy to be back working with the great Theatre Network team. Past designs for Network include: set design for GIRL IN THE GOLDFISH BOWL and EYE FOR AND EYE, lighting design for The Leisure Society, and set/costume design for FOR THE PLEASURE OF SEEING HER AGAIN, and LAWRENCE AND HOLLOMAN (Sterling award for set). Narda was the resident designer for Workshop West Theatre for six seasons where she designed MARY’S WEDDING, MY ONE AND ONLY, APPLE,17 DOGS, MESA, RESPECTABLE, and ILSA, QUEEN OF THE NAZI LOVE CAMP. Other recent design credits include: costume design for THE PILLOWMAN and production design for FULLY COMMITTED, THE SYRINGA TREE, and BLUE/ORANGE (Citadel Theatre), set/costumes for VINCENT IN BRIXTON and STONES IN HIS POCKETS (ATP, Calgary), and costume design for the past seven summers for The River City Shakespeare Festival in Edmonton.



David is an Edmonton based, award-winning theatrical and dance lighting designer. He works extensively across the country and frequents theatres such as Alberta Theatre Projects, Vertigo Theatre (Calgary), The National Arts Centre (Ottawa), Buddies In Bad Times Theatre (Toronto), Workshop West Theatre, L’Uni Theatre, (Edmonton), and The Globe Theatre (Regina). Previous designs with Theatre Network include ALL CLEAR, VINCENT IN BRIXTON, HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, MIDLIFE, PLAYING BARE, PILEDRIVER!, SUBURBAN MOTEL, and A GUIDE TO MOURNING. Throughout the last eight years, David has also been the resident designer with Concrete Theatre, and with the Brian Webb Dance Company, and in 2002 his design for Tania Alvarado’s AZUL ABIERTO toured throughout the country and Europe. Most recent credits include lighting for DEATH AND THE MAIDEN and the Globe Theatre, and the assistant light designer for THE CIRCLE AND THE PHILANDERER at the Shaw Festival.



Dave is a musician, actor and writer.  He has composed music and produced sound designs for theatre, film, dance and multi-media for three decades. Recent designs include MOVING ALONG (Theatre Network), 6.0 HEAP & PEBBLE (Northern Light Theatre) and EVIE’S WALTZ (Shadow Theatre). Other projects include THE MISSIONARY POSITION (University of Alberta),  a soundtrack for the feature film THE PHARMACIST and a family musical about a profoundly deaf mother with a hearing son based on his own experience entitled SONGS MY MOTHER NEVER SUNG ME. Dave is the co-writer and composer for the animated cartoons at He is also the sound guy for CBC Radio’s THE IRRELEVANT SHOW. Dave has won several awards for his work, including Sterling Awards for Outstanding Score (DOG, Surreal SoReal Theatre), Musical Direction (ILSA, QUEEN OF THE NAZI LOVE CAMP) and Sound (SHAKESPEARE’S WILL, VIMY, THE ECSTATICS).



Harvey is excited to be part of Theatre Network’s GIRL IN THE GOLDFISH BOWL. Harvey last worked in conjunction with Theartre Network and Propaganda hair salon on their Valentines fundraiser LOVE STYLES: DRESSED TO LOVE. Other than doing the occasional costume design, he also has a company called Henry and Irving with his partner Idaho which includes everything from interior design and fashion shows to set design. Currently they are working on their own clothing line called Verde. Acting credits include; Sister Parnel, THE BLUE ORPHAN, Catalyst Theatre; Rev. Chasable, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, Globe Theatre; Prior, ANGELS IN AMERICA : PT I MILLENNIUM APROACHES, Phoenix Theatre, he has also worked with Workshop West, 25th Street Theatre, Fringe Theatre Adventures, Guys in Disguise, Quest Theatre to name a few. He has just finished working on INTERFEAR ARTS FESTIVAL and Edmonton Fashion Week.



Idaho is back working with the fine people of Theatre Network , and is very happy about that. He’s had the pleasure of working with them and Propaganda hair salon with LOVESTYLES: DRESSED TO LOVE. Idaho started his career working with Ford Models out of New York for three years back in the early nineties and has hasn’t stoped since. He operates a company, Henry and Irving, with partner Harvey Anderson keeping busy with interior design projects, costume gigs and set design jobs, notably the Sterling award winner RED LOBSTER. Past credits include NIGHT OF ARTIST, INTERFEAR ARTS FESTIVAL, The International Street Performers Festival, The Comedy Festival, Edmonton’s Fashion Week, the fringe production of SEX, LIES AND FAIRYTALES, and the stage production BURLESQUE. He also performed in the indie film CORE NAGRATO. Keep your eyes looking for Henry and Irvings latest venture, their own clothing line, Verde.



Betty is very pleased to be part of the company of WHAT A YOUNG WIFE OUGHT TO KNOW. Betty has stage managed Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre’s production of CAFE DAUGHTER in Belgrade, Serbia, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, at the sPARK Festival/ Belfry Theatre, Victoria, BC, the National Arts and Cultural Centre, Yellowknife, NWT, and at CANADA SCENE at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON.  Other credits include: producer; WiLDLIFE — a video installation at River Valley Crossing in Edmonton, assistant stage manager; DON GIOVANNI, Edmonton Opera, stage manager for the Alberta Ballet.  She goes onto co-produce and stage manage Conni Massing’s, OH! CHRISTMAS TREE, as part of the Roxy Performance Series this December.



This is Gina’s second season back out in the freelance world of stage management. She is delighted to be on familiar territory for her first official apprenticing gig – a full circle moment. Gina was Theatre Network’s production manager from 2000 to 2004 giving her some of her favorite productions under her belt (A SKULL IN CONNEMARA, HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, VINCENT AND BRIXTON, FOR THE PLEASURE OF SEEING HER AGAIN, LAWRENCE AND HOLLOMAN, …). She has also been the production manager for NEXTFEST for the past five years – a festival that takes place in June right where you are sitting. Other Select credits include BITCHSLAP! and the Tranny Trilogy, TRANNY GET YOUR GUN, L’IL ORPHAN TRANNY and TRANNE OF GREEN GABLES (Guys in Disguise) THE BLACK RIDER: THE CASTING OF THE MAGIC BULLETS (November Theatre), THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF MARY JANE MOSQUITO (Concrete Theatre) and looks forward to THE ANGER OF ERNEST AND ERNESTINE with George and Sharla and DRUNKEN F*CKER (Ground Zero, April 2006).