Câpân by Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal

Câpân by Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal

by Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal

Câpân by Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal

As part of Theatre Network’s Spring 2021 Works in Progress Series

Live-streamed Sunday, April 25 at 2pm MT

Join the sakāwithiniwak (Woodland Cree) brother-sister duo Jacquelyn and Hunter Cardinal of the award-winning play Lake of the Strangers, and collaborators Kris Harper and Jason Borys of AG47 to glimpse behind the curtain of câpân. The creative team will share the Cree myth in which they’ve rooted the show, dive into their research discoveries so far, and premiere some of the music created for the production by the AG47 duo.

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Hunter Cardinal is a sakāwithiniwak (Woodland Cree) theatrical artist hailing from Sucker Creek Cree First Nation and currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Alberta, class of 2015, Hunter has performed across Canada and off-Broadway in New York. Recent stage credits include Titus Bouffonious (Theatre Network), Lake of the Strangers (Naheyawin and Fringe Theatre) and Hamlet (Freewill Shakespeare Festival). He is humbled by the steadfast support of his community, with notable achievements to date including the 2020 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Outstanding Performance in a
Supporting Role in a Comedy for his work as Fink in Titus Bouffonious, the 2019 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Outstanding New Play given to Lake of the Strangers, his first play co-written with his sister, and dubbed Edmonton’s Best Actor by Vue Weekly in 2018.


Jacquelyn is a sakāwithiniwak (Woodland Cree) playwright and producer hailing from Sucker Creek Cree First Nation who, in all aspects of her life, seeks to equip communities with the means to support themselves and each other while walking together on a shared path, a sentiment passed down to her through the generations.

In her art, Jacquelyn explores her culture’s concept of infinity; misewa. Misewa refers to our connection to all that was, all that is, and all that will be. It is the understanding that all of the stories we have today exist in a sea of stories alongside those that have yet to be told in our place and time, and that all are equally important. She writes to unearth the stories that have yet to come so they can be called upon as much-needed tools in times of need by current and future generations to help them move through their complex and unique problems. Though she has engaged with the arts from an early age, she began her professional practice when she embarked on the journey to develop her first play, Indigenous one-person show, Lake of the Strangers, in February 2018.

She continues to be incredibly grateful to her community for their ongoing support, with her most notable achievement to date being the Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Outstanding New Play given to Lake of the Strangers in 2019.


Jason Borys and Kris Harper are two renowned multidisciplinary musicians based in amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton, Alberta) that unite to produce abstract synth sounds as AG47. Armed with experience in music and theatre, the pair work internationally and draw significant inspiration from family lineage to transcend traditionally defined music genres. Having worked closely with the Cardinal siblings on numerous occasions, Borys and Harper will breathe life into the story of câpân with their masterful sonic ability.