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Almost 7 years after fire destroyed Edmonton’s historic Roxy Theatre, we at Theatre Network are months way from returning this piece of Edmonton history to 124th Street.

Your donation will go directly towards Edmonton’s newest hub for in person arts experiences, The New Roxy. Thank you for your support!

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The original Roxy theatre reflected who we are, and who we continue to be – a professional mid-size theatre company. We are working to sustain that size in our 200-seat main stage space, The Nancy Power Theatre and embrace smaller incubation spaces within The Lorne Cardinal Theatre (expected to seat 80) and the rehearsal hall (expected to host 40-50 individuals, if needed, for performances or gatherings). All spaces in the building will be accessible for different audience and artist mobility needs.

The Nancy Power Theatre (above) will be a 200-seat main stage – updated and improved to provide the same intimacy as our beloved Roxy with all new theatrical tools for artists and audiences.

The Lorne Cardinal Theatre (above) is a flexible space ideal for smaller productions with a max capacity of 80-seats. This space will also be located in the downstairs area and open up to the lobby for larger events.

The main and lower floors include gathering spaces and bar service with the upper floor including access to a rooftop patio. A new addition to Theatre Network’s programming will be three, permanent art gallery walls.

Also inside are all the machinations of a multi-venue theatre, including: multi-purpose green room, wardrobe department, carpentry shop, administration office, and rooftop patio. No matter where you go in the building there are opportunities for activity in the form of party or performance.

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