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Almost 7 years after fire destroyed Edmonton’s historic Roxy Theatre, we at Theatre Network are months way from returning this piece of Edmonton history to 124th Street.

Your donation will go directly towards Edmonton’s newest hub for in person arts experiences, The New Roxy. Thank you for your support!

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10 out of 12


In this wry and engaging inside look at the makings of a play, the curtain is pulled back on a world unfamiliar to the public, yet very familiar to all practitioners of theatre – a technical rehearsal. It lovingly reveals the wonder, whimsy, and boredom found in those magical hours in the darkness associated with the process of teching a play. An immersive experience that turns the tedious process of creating illusion into moments of humour, beauty, and strangeness.

Featuring: Robert Benz, Nadien Chu, Jesse Gervias, Garett Ross, Melissa Thingelstad, Dave Horak, Mat Hulshof, Kristi Hansen, Rebecca Merkley, Larissa Pohoreski, Scott Peters, Corben Kushneryk, Scott Spidell, Natasha Prasad
Director, Set & Sound Design:
 Jim Guedo
Stage Manager:  Jenn Best
Lighting Design & House Technician: Scott Peters