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Famous Puppet Death Scenes

Visually stunning and endlessly entertaining

LA Times

NEW LOCATION: Majestic Theatre at Eastglen High School
(11430 68 St)

Famous Puppet Death Scenes rises from the ashes of the Roxy Theatre thanks to the support of Eastglen High School and the Edmonton Public School Board. The run will continue as scheduled from February 3 – 22. If you have questions about tickets please contact

Cure your fear of death through a collection of theatrical demises, both tragic and heart-wrenching, culled from some of the most beloved puppet performances in history. The Old Trouts will reconstruct your psyche so that death means nothing to you anymore. In a way they promise ever-lasting life… through a puppet show.

Contains: mature themes, puppet nudity and some swearing. 

Featuring: Nick Di Gaetano, Pityu Kenderes & Viktor Lukawski

Technical Direction & Sound: Sam Hindle
Stage Manager: Paul Bezaire
Original Production Directed by Tim Sutherland
Remount Production Directed by Pete Balkwill, Pityu Kenderes & Judd Palmer
Costume Designer: Jen Gareau & Sarah Malik
Lighting Desiner: Cimmeron Meyer
Sound Designer: Mike Rinaldi
Producing Agent: Grant Burns
Trouts General Manager: Bob Davis