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The Woman in Black

“Yes, I had a story, a true story, a story of haunting and evil, fear and confusion, horror and tragedy. But it was not a story to be told around the fireside.”

The only bad news: you'll have to pay for the whole seat, even though you'll rarely use more than the edge.


A spellbinding ghost story. Desperate to exorcise the ghosts of his past, a Victorian lawyer recounts his chilling experiences. As a young man he is sent to the mysterious Eel Marsh House to wind up a deceased estate and suddenly finds himself trapped in the horrors that lie behind its shuttered windows. Populated by eerie marshes, sudden fogs and ghostly sounds, his frightful story paints the picture of a man trying to escape the tragedies of his life.

One of the most gripping and successful theatre productions ever staged – running in London’s West End since 1989!

by Stephen Mallatratt, Book by Susan Hill

Starring: Mark Jenkins, John Wright, Melissa Macpherson 
Director: Marianne Copithorne
 Set Designer: Paul Bezaire
Lighting Designer: Cory Sincennes 
Sound Designer: Dave Clarke 
Costume Designer: Sheena Haug 
Stage Manager: Tracey Byrne

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