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Alias Godot

“Of all the goddam alleys. Why'd you have to walk down ours?”

Alias worthy of name Godot.

Toronto Sun

In an interrogation room, two New York policemen interview a foreigner who has put them in a compromising situation. Dancing around their questions, he insists he’s late delivering a package of the utmost importance. As the cops become desperate for answers, and their detainee becomes desperate for escape, the unexplainable starts to happen. A combination of prime Samuel Beckett and classic Tarantino, Alias Godot is a darkly funny and clever look at the anxieties that exist in the world and the insanity inside and outside the interrogation room. Written by Canada’s celebrated new playwright Brendan Gall.

Starring: Julien Arnold, Brian Dooley, Collin Doyle, James Hamilton, Christopher Schulz
Director: Bradley Moss
Set and Costume Designer: Lisa Hancharek
Lighting Designer: Scott Peters
Stage Manager: Cheryl Millikin

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