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True West

“What they don’t know is that each one of ‘em is afraid. And the one who’s chasin’ doesn’t know where the other one is taking him. And the one who’s being chased doesn’t know where he’s going.”

Raucous, menacing, savagely funny!

Los Angeles Times

By Sam Shepard
Previews February 07 and 08, Opens February 09, runs until February 26, 2006

Brothers aren’t always alike. Austin is a family man and wealthy Ivy-League graduate; his brother Lee is a desert-drifter and petty thief. Under the scorching California sun, in their mother’s sweet suburban home, they face off. Austin is intent on selling his screenplay to Saul, a big-time Hollywood producer, but Lee is sure that his “true” American Western would suit Saul better. As the brothers battle over their screenplays, downing bottles of whisky, they push each other into a riveting role-reversal, realizing they might not be as different as they once thought.

The explosive foursome, featuring veteran Edmonton actors David McNally, Jeff Page, Maralyn Ryan and, from the hit TV show Corner Gas, Lorne Cardinal, team up with award-winning director Bradley Moss in this wildly funny, yet terrifying glimpse into brotherhood. Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Sam Shepard, True West has been heralded as one of Shepard’s most engaging and darkly hilarious plays.

Starring: Lorne Cardinal, David McNally, Jeff Page and Maralyn Ryan
Director: Bradley Moss
Set and Costume Designer: Marissa Kochanski
Lighting Designer: Scott Peters
Sound Designer: Lane Arndt
Stage Manager: Betty Hushlak

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