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Moving Along

Masterful script and virtuoso performance.

Vue Magazine

An Evolved Script. Radical new sound technology. An ingenious theatrical feat.

A fast and furious examination of a strange but common life. Award-winner Chris Craddock shares snapshots of his past while confined to an “Electro-Chair” equipped with lights and all-new sound which he controls himself to dramatic effect. Moving at a breakneck pace, he reveals stories of relationships both good and bad – resulting in a hilarious and touching dream-like monologue of unmatched technical precision. Presenting a radical sound design created by phenom Dave Clarke and an evolved script that includes Craddock’s journey since the plays original creation.

Starring: Chris Craddock • Director: Bradley Moss • Sound Designer: Dave Clarke • Stage Manager: Paul Bezaire

“The writing is as electric as the chair, and the performance will make you gasp.” FIVE STARS – The Edmonton Journal

*Photos by Sam Estok

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