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Girl in the Goldfish Bowl

“My mother says you know when you’ve grown up. It’s the moment you stop being happy and start remembering when you used to be.”

...a production that rivets from start to finish.

Eye Weekly (Toronto)

It’s 1962 and the Cold War is at its peak. For ten-year-old Iris, not only is the world on the brink of extinction, so is her childhood. When the eccentric young girl discovers an amnesiac drifter on the shores of a remote BC fishing town, she’s sure he’s the reincarnation of her goldfish, sent to rescue her family and her youth.

Written by one of Canada’s most acclaimed playwrights, Girl in the Goldfish Bowl is hilarious, yet heart breaking. The award-winning play brings back the absurdity, pain and beauty of growing up.

Starring: Clinton Carew, Cathy Derkach, Linda Grass, Caroline Livingstone, and George Szilagyi
Director: Bradley Moss
Set Designer: Narda McCarroll
Lighting Designer: David Fraser
Sound Designer: Dave Clarke
Costume Designer: Harvey Anderson
Stage Manager: Betty Hushlak
Apprentice Stage Manager: Gina Puntil

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