Help us bring the new Roxy to life

On January 13, 2015 Theatre Network lost their home of The Roxy Theatre in a fiery blaze that left a hole in the arts community and on 124 Street in Edmonton.

Now, Theatre Network is working to bring a New Roxy Theatre back where it belongs.

We need your generosity to bring the New Roxy Theatre to life. With your financial support the Roxy Theatre will rise from the ashes!

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Playing Bare

By Dominic Champagne

September 2615, 2000

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By Ronnie Burkett

November 910, 2000

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Lawrence & Holloman

By Morris Panych

February 624, 2001

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By Darrin Hagen and Wes Borg

May 113, 2001

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NextFest 2001

June 510, 2001

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