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On January 13, 2015 Theatre Network lost their home of The Roxy Theatre – which left a hole in the arts community and on 124 Street in Edmonton.

Now, Theatre Network is working to bring a New Roxy Theatre back where it belongs.

We need your generosity to Rebuild the Roxy Theatre. With your financial support the New Roxy will rise from the ashes!

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Once Upon a Landfill

Corrupt mayoral candidate, Norm Begotch has come up with the ultimate win/win/win scheme to solve the city’s landfill crisis. The plan includes such features as cross-border shopping, tearing down historic sites and the routine spying on the poor, the needy and the elderly. With a cast of colorful characters and several brand new satirical songs, Once Upon a Landfill takes us on a whirlwind adventure of mistaken identities, incredible coincidences and physical buffoonery.

Playwrights: Conni Massing (Scenario), Bev Ross (Songs), Canadia Dell-Arte Comedy Troupe (Improv)
Director: Stephen Heatley
Cast: James MacDonald, John B. Lowe, Karen Johnson-Diamond, Alyson Connolly, Michael Spencer-Davis and Raul Tome Set Designer: Daniel van Heyst Lighting Designer: Ruth Lysak-Martynkiw Musical Direction: Binaifer Kapadia Costume Designer: Judith Bowden Stage Manager: Jill Cross Assistant Stage Manager: Nancy Yuen Seamstress: Teresa Hiemstra

“Just for tonight we’re choosing comedy
The very nexus of our craft
We’ll be most careful not to bomb, mes amis
If you will just consent to laugh!”

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