Uncle Joe Again

"The worst thing in life? To be ordinary. The best thing in life? To be immortal."

This is a big, entertaining, affirmative evening.

Edmonton Journal

1988 was a tough year for many. Edmonton lost Gretzky, the anti-free traders lost the federal election and Max lost his father. In this moving drama which travels through time, from the prosperity of the early ‘60s through the jubilation of the centennial year into the sobering present, Max is forced to face the inevitable: that, like it or not, he has to grow up and get on with life. Performed as a part of the 1991 Repertory Festival.

Playwright: Ian Ferguson
Director: Stephen Heatley
Cast: Ian Ferguson, Klodyne Rodney, Jeff Haslam, Valerie Pearson and David Mann Set Designer: Daniel van Heyst Costume Designer: Heather Redfern Lighting Designer: Alastair Elliot Stage Manager: Heather Moore Sound Designer: Doug Blackley