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Uneasy Pieces

Rose Scollard’s bizzare trilogy takes you into the Twilight Zone of male/female relationships. The three plays in the trilogy are Nosey Parkers – which sees hot shot executive Harry entertained by lady of the evening Qunicy – The Swapper – which asks us what we might be willing to swap for the realization of our unspoken desires – and The Hero – the mystical story of Nichola, who, tired of dismissing her soul and relinquishing her strengths in order to be the ideal of womanly femininity, decides to become one with the suppressed “creature” inside her.

Playwright: Rose Scollard
Directors: Sherry Wells (Nosey Parkers), Stephen Heatley (The Swapper and The Hero)
Cast: William Davidson, Judith Haynes, Christine MacInnis and Valerie Ann Pearson Assistant Director: Greg Coltman Production Designer: Daniel Van Heyst Sound Designer/Composer: Edward Connell Costume Designer: Heather Redfern Technical Director: Alastair Elliot Stage Manager: Lance D. Olson


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