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On January 13, 2015 Theatre Network lost their home of The Roxy Theatre – which left a hole in the arts community and on 124 Street in Edmonton.

Now, Theatre Network is working to bring a New Roxy Theatre back where it belongs.

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It is a subject bravely tackled and boldly realized.

Edmonton Journal

Oil is Alberta’s most important and possibly least understood industry. Rig will focus on the people and not the mechanics of the oil patch. Isolation, long hours, physical hardship, the risk of death or serious injury – these define life on the edge. But the lure of the rigs and of the mighty buck have made Alberta and it’s people what they are today.

Playwright: Geoffrey Le Boutillier
Director: Stephen Heatley
Cast: Dennis Robinson, Wendell Smith, Daniel Libman, Neil Foster and Jan Miller
Directing Consultant: David Barnet
Set/Costume Designer: Daniel van Heyst
Lighting Designer: Derek Visser
Stage Manager: Beth Lischeron
Technician: Mel Beary

October 8-10, 1981, Canadian Theatre Today Conference, Saskatoon

October 12 – November 10, 1981, Alberta tour

November 12-22, 1981, Theatre Network, Edmonton

“Theatre Network is a buzz these days with oil drilling jargon. It is not uncommon anymore to hear company members in dark corners of the theatre mumbling about “going up the stick”, “popping a wet one” or “slinging the tongs”. Coffee breaks and lunch hours are taken in the “dog house” and hard hats have become the height of fashion.” – Theatre Network Creates RIG, Press Release, 1981

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