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Sarah and Gabrial

A big-bad-beautiful-dream mood piece.

Red Deer Advocate

Formerly titled A Trip to the FarmSarah and Gabrial is a musical mystery with the story revolving around Luke Dawe, the legendary prairie Casanova, who disappeared in 1904. Seventy-five years later a film maker, Sarah, goes to Dawe’s old homestead in search of material to make a film and finds a scientist/inventor who claims to be Luke’s wife living there. The collision of time periods, the hostility of the townspeople, a supernatural storm and Sarah’s determination to discover the truth about Luke’s disappearance form the elements of the play.

Playwrights: Tanya Ryga and Sharon Stearns
Director: Svetlana Zylin
Cast: Tanya Ryga and Sharon Stearns Musicians: Brenda Morie and Beverly Ross Set/Costume/Poster Designer: Susan Berganzi Carpenter/Lighting Designer: Larry Farley Stage Manager: Jeanette Nelson

September 11-30, 1979, Theatre 3, Edmonton

Fall 1979, Alberta tour

November 13-25, 1979, Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto

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