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Girl Brain

Girl Brain

A Message from Girl Brain

In continuing to keep our audience healthy and safe, we have made the decision alongside Theatre Network to cancel our upcoming show on May 16. We miss you all very much and cannot wait for the day that we reunite at the Roxy theatre for some much needed laughter!

December 14, 2019
February 29, March 27(Canceled), March 28 (Canceled), May 16, 2020 (Canceled)

Girl Brain celebrates the beauty, complexity, and messiness of everyday life through sketch comedy. Created and performed by Alyson Dicey, Caley Suliak and Ellie Heath, this troupe has taken off since their debut in April 2018. In addition to a host of sold-out performances, they were named Best Comedy Show in Edmonton (Vue Weekly, 2018). They’ve earned rave reviews on local, national and international stages and are thrilled to bring their Girl Brain humour to the Roxy this season!

“Anyone can find a Girl Brain show funny. Each performer is wildly talented, doing things like adopting accents with ease, using strange body language or facial cues, and writing absurd situations that we have all unfortunately found ourselves in.”
-Stephan Boissonneault, VUE Weekly

“Arguably the hottest comedy act happening in the city, the sketch comedy trio of Alyson Dicey, Caley Suliak, and Ellie Heath are the talented gals who provide the laughs about everyday life situations.”
-Lucy Haines, DAZE Magazine

You can find GIRL BRAIN on Instagram at @girlbrainyeg and on Facebook at Girl Brain Sketch Comedy