Hey Ladies!

Hey Ladies!

Miss Davina Stewart, Miss Cathleen Rootseart, Miss Leona Brausen and Mr. Noel Taylor return for another high-energy season of the info-tainment, talk, and variety show on select Friday nights.

Featuring: Miss Leona Brausen, Miss Davina Stewart, Miss Cathleen Rootsaert & Mr. Noel Taylor

October 26th, 2018
February 1st, March 29th, and May 10th, 2019

Details on the October 26th edition:

First Show of the Season! Which Season is it? We Couldn’t Tell Ya!

This October 26th extravaganza may include:
– Does Noel have any new tattoos?
– What is handsome and saves animals? Dale Gienow from Wild North with surprises in hand o F&M Edmonton’s own baroque pop folk duo supply the tunes!
– Autumnal Match Game© Let the leaves fall where they may!
– Hey Ladies Craft! “The Magic of Mushrooms” or “Fun with Fungi”

Parking is Available on the East and West Side of Gateway Boulevard (103rd Street)