The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Hast thou slain the Jabberwock?

A piece of theatre inspired by Lewis Carroll that is, indeed, inspired.

Kelly Nestruck, Globe and Mail


Created by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Beware the Jabberwock!

Such is the frantic warning inscribed to us in the strange and ancient poem known as Jabberwocky… but what monster does it actually mean?  Is it fanged or flapping, furry or finned, ferocious or formless? Is it outside our bedroom door even now, drooling?  Or is it already amongst us? Do not fear: in this, their brand new puppet extravaganza for adults, the Old Trouts clutch their vorpal swords in hand, and valiantly promise to save us all from the things that haunt us in the night.

Not recommended for young children.
Suggested age: 13+
Contains Mature Content

Featuring: Nicolas Di Gaetano, Teddy Ivanova, Pityu Kenderes, Sebastian Kroon

Collectively Written, Directed & Set Designed
by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

The Old Trouts: Judd Palmer, Peter Balkwill & Pityu Kenderes

Costume Designer: Jen Gareau
Lighting Designer: Terry Middleton
Sound Designer: Jonathan Lewis
Stage Manager: Nicole Olson Grant-Suttie

Photography by Jason Stang Photography

Production Sponsor

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production photos

Photos by Jason Stang Photography
Featuring: Nicolas Di Gaetano, Teddy Ivanova, Pityu Kenderes, Sebastian Kroon



promotional photo

Photo by Jason Stang Photography