Production Notes: The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan

Apr 01, 2010

Ever since he first stepped on stage, in a Spanish play of the early 1600’s, Don Juan has haunted the collective imagination. Is he a sensitive lover endowed with amazing lovemaking powers, or a randy seducer who abandons you in the morning? Is he horrible or heroic? From Molière to Mozart to Byron to Shaw, and beyond, every era has created its own version: misogynist, romantic, libertine, atheist, mystical prophet of love.
So, our Don Juan is our very own. To us, he seemed the perfect vessel to explore the rapturous contradictions and agonizing ambiguities of love. Tonight, he has come from hell directly to the theatre, to tell you the story of how he came to be the greatest lover in the world.
The Old Trout Puppet Workshop, and their Collaborators.