Playwright’s Note: Thunderstick

Jan 14, 2010

Comedy is Tragedy plus time – Carol Burnett.
I wrote Thunderstick ten years ago at a time when most Canadians were ignorant of Indian residential schools. I wanted to write a play about the schools that didn’t shy away from the pain but could also make you laugh. That’s crazy, I can hear you thinking. Why would you try such a damn fool thing like that? Because I love an impossible challenge, that’s why. Okay, so I’m not the smartest duck in the pond, but I know humour heals. It’s been scientifically proven. If you can’t trust scientists, who can you trust? The government?
The crazy has been contagious. I’m writing this only after a week of rehearsals and I’ve laughed like I’ve never laughed before. Watching Lorne and Craig bring Isaac and Jacob to life has been a gut-busting experience. I thank them for their hard work and insane commitment to doing both roles. The insanity doesn’t stop with them as Del and Brad agreed to co-produce and co-direct, thank you both for your bravery and foolhardiness. I also need to thank the original producers, Donna Heimbecker and Kennetch Charlette from the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company for making Thunderstick their very first professional production in 2001.
Thank you,