Moving Along: History

Feb 09, 2012

“I call it autobiographical, but take that with a grain of salt. I’ve traded out characters and situations, amalgamated people into one person. And of course the entire show is seen through the grossly one-sided lens of my point of view.”
2000 – Commissioned by Theatre of the New Heart; chair with built-in household dimmers created by Doug Field; Premiered in the basement of Director Sophie Lee’s house
2000 – Presented at Edmonton and Winnipeg Fringe Festivals
2004 – Broadcast on Bravo Signature Series; Cut down to 50 minutes
2005 – Presented by One Yellow Rabbit and Craddock’s newly-created company Simian Theatre in Calgary’s Big Secret Theatre; cuts left out, additions made
2005 – Part of Theatre Network’s Roxy Performance Series; New text added
2009 – Presented at the Belfry Theatre
2009 – Cross-Canada Fringe tour – Edmonton, Winnipeg, London, Toronto
2010 – Presented at the Vancouver Fringe
“I first wrote the show in a place of real grief, after the death of my younger brother. People are surprised to hear that grief can inspire comedy, but those people don’t know comedy. When I first wrote it, I wasn’t ready to speak directly of my brother. I can face things more unflinchingly now. When I’m old, I hope to do an ‘old’ version of the show, which will feature my grandchildren or something.”