History of Hard Core Logo

Nov 18, 2010

1993:   Michael Turner publishes Hard Core Logo. He tells the story through set lists, phone interviews, lyrics, poems, conversations, etc. Turner tours with the book, which is studied throughout North America
1994:   A friend gives Canadian filmmaker and musician Bruce McDonald a copy of Turner’s book.
1996:   McDonald directs the mockumentary Hard Core Logo. Starring Headstones lead-singer Hugh Dillon as Joe Dick, and actor Callum Keith Rennie as Billy Tallent
1997:   Quentin Tarantino sees the movie at a film festival and likes it so much that he buys the U.S. distribution rights under his Rolling Thunder vanity label.
Bruce McDonald, Terry David Mulligan, Art Bergmann, Joey Ramone, Joe “Shithead” Keithley
Nominated for Six Genie Awards including Best Film and Best Direction
Genie Award for ‘Best Achievement in Music – Original Song’ for the track “Who the Hell Do You Think You Are”
Best Canadian Film Award and Best Canadian Screenplay at the Vancouver International Film Festival
Best Canadian Feature Sudbury Cinéfest
In a 2001 Playback magazine poll of 200 industry voters, the film was voted the second best Canadian film ever made.
In 2002, readers of the same magazine voted it the fourth greatest Canadian film ever made.
What else? Well, there’s a…
Comic book based on the book and movie; a book on the making of the movie; a tribute record; a soundtrack record; a TV documentary on the making of the movie
Hard Core Logo Sequel
Earlier this year, Bruce McDonald began filming Hard Core Logo 2.
 Edmonton’s Punk Scene
In the late 1970s and early ‘80s, the Canadian punk music scene exploded and Edmonton was no exception. Punk bands took our city by storm, such as Buster Nad, Jerry Jerry and the Sons of Rhythm Orchestra, facecrime, Pursuit of Happiness, Malibu Kens, Jr Gone Wild, The Thieves, SNFU, Route 66, The Standards and in the early nineties punk resurgence with bands like The Smalls, Wednesday Night Heroes, Choke etc.
Favoured historic Edmonton punk venues include: Riviera Rock Room (affectionately known as “The Riv”), Sub Theatre, Princess Theatre, The Ambassador, Dinwoodie Lounge, Suicide Club (which only lasted four weeks, or one night depending on who you talk to, before the cops shut it down.)