Free-man on the Land: Music

Jan 17, 2013

A hallmark of Azimuth Theatre’s style for the past decade has been the incorporation of live music into all of its performances. For FMOTL, Azimuth Theatre is collaborating with local singer/songwriter/environmental activist Dale Ladouceur. Well known in Edmonton’s music scene as a virtuoso on an uncommon instrument called The Chapman Stick, Dale has also worked on many theatre productions including being an integral member of Brass Monkey Productions’ The Chistmas Carol Project. More than being a sound artist though, Dale’s persona has been integrated into the storytelling, she is part of the theatrical fiction. She plays the character of Kriquet – a theatrical device to help tell Richard’s story – who just happens to be a fabulously talented, hard working musician… who just happens to play some fantastic songs during the course of the show.