Michel & Ti-Jean by George Rideout

Michel & Ti-Jean by George Rideout

by George Rideout

The play's two featured actors are outstanding.rn- Edmonton Sun
Michel & Ti-Jean by George Rideout

It’s 1969, in a dingy bar in St. Petersburg, Florida. In one corner sits revolutionary writer and “King of the Beatniks” Jack Kerouac. He’s alone, guzzling his beer, sporadically writing in his notebook. Or trying to anyway. It’s one month before his death. In the other corner is bright-eyed 27-year-old Michel Tremblay. The determined young playwright has just published the ground-breaking Les Belles-Soeurs. The two literary heavy-weights spar over the art of writing, inspiration, sports, music, religion and the most innate quality they share: their unique Canadian heritage. Words fly and beer spills in this funny and touching showdown between two legendary French Canadian word-slingers.

Starring: Brian Dooley and Vincent Hoss-Desmarais
Director: Bradley Moss
Set, Lighting, Costume Designer: Cory Sincennes
Sound Designer: Matthew Skopyk
Stage Manager: Cheryl Millikin

Previews: Oct 4 & 5; Open: Oct 6; Runs Until: Oct 23

2-For-1 Tuesdays: Oct 11 & 18; 60s After Party: Oct 14, 10:30

*Photo by: Yanick MacDonald

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