Director’s Note: Thunderstick

Jan 14, 2010

A (slightly) fictionalized phone conversation from several months ago:
Del: It’s going to be great co-directing with you Brad — we hardly ever get a chance to be in a rehearsal hall with another director you know, to learn from, steal tricks, heckle…
Brad: Thanks for offering up the idea Del. Yeah, usually in a co-production with two companies, there’s only one director.   Our colleagues will be taking bets on who will be the last man standing! Hey, I just got off the phone with Lorne and he wants to role-swap with Craig.
Del: What do you mean?
Brad: That he and Craig would change roles each show, taking turns playing Jacob and Isaac.
Del: I don’t know — that’s a lot of work for the actors.
Brad: Yeah, but we’ll get to share the director’s load.
Del: I love it! They’ll be doing two jobs while we’re doing half a job each.
Brad: Great fun. What a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and catch up on our sleep.
Del: So do we take turns directing, or what?
Brad: Don’t worry about it — just do what I say!
Del: Maybe more to the point would be for us to be doing what Lorne and Craig say . . .
Brad: Ain’t that the truth. I’m worried that Cheryl is going to throttle us.
Del: You’re right. Our stage manager will be working harder than all of us combined!
Fortunately for Persephone audiences, everyone involved survived the experiment. And Brad and Del happily worked (and laughed) twice as hard, as well.