Director’s Note: The Leisure Society

Sep 22, 2005

Francois Archambault calls this play an American Nightmare disguised as the American Dream. He is examining our lack of humanity in our pursuit of consumer happiness. I think it is more personal than that.
We are constant craving consumers. That is what we are. We consume to survive…we consume food, we consume experience, we consume friendships, we consume lovers, we consume.
I really like that the unspoken is spoken in this play. That is what originally attracted me to this play, its content, and the way that it delves into our basic desires. Our hedonistic nature.
We all have a pleasure centre that needs attention: sex, food, money, drugs, and power. We all attempt to have some sort of control of our base pleasures but ultimately it is in our human nature to desire and acquire something so strongly that we will do anything to get it.
Or pleasure it, if you will. Whatever it costs.
I admire a play that delves into the forces of pleasure that drive us toward our pseudo successful and rich lives – or our most personal and deepest nightmares.
It is our choice, after all.