Director’s Note: Poster Boys

Nov 26, 2009

Sometimes plays find you. They find you for reasons unknown until it is there in plain sight. Like finding your keys on the counter after you’ve looked all over the house for them. This play found me.
What I love about this play is how it wrestles with value of integrity in your life. The collision between what you do for a living versus what you believe is right and true. I think it is human to struggle with the overall message of your life. Your personal message is not measured by what you say but by your actions and your choices. Do you continue to spend your waking hours (your job or your living) doing what sells or what will please everyone? Or do you spend your talents and time focused on doing what you know in your heart to be true?
Sometimes even when you have tried your best to be true, life has a way of adding up the things left undone. The unsaid sitting there, the life in the box, the elephant in the room, the unspoken resentments, the undone moments of one’s life tucked away so deep that you create your own abyss.
I can identify with the idea of baggage in one’s life. I think the playwright is right when she speaks of the white space of life. To me the white space of life is finally revealed to you when you understand how to let go of the pain(s) of your life. To release it and to allow space (the unknown) to exist while your new life begins to unfold.