Director’s Note: Moving Along

Feb 09, 2012

Moving Along is one of those special shows that comes by every few years and shakes things up. The image of Chris Craddock sitting in his electric chair of light and sharing his “collection” – the stories that have impacted his life and changed him forever – that image is unforgettable. Watching it you realize it could be you sitting in your chair hurtling through time and space, experiencing your own “collection” of hurts and joy – your own collection of life changing moments. This collection is what makes us who we are, defines what we believe.
Moving Along…
That’s what makes this play so compelling – even though Chris is sharing deeply personal stories, we can all relate in some way. We all wear our hurts on our face and in our body. It’s what makes us unique from one another, but it’s also what connects us. Sure, my grief is my grief – but that same hurt can be shared by you: the grief of losing a lover, parent, or sibling. A grief so powerful that it changes you forever. A grief that’s universal.
Moving Along…
This play is an examination of those life-changing moments that you can identify only after you’ve gone through them. After you’ve married your love, or got that job or wrote that play, or had your child. Not only the sad stuff but the funny, the obscure, and the odd moments – the moments when you can never go back to your former life. The moments that make us different; the moments that connect us in pain and joy.
Moving Along…