Director’s Note: All Clear

Apr 08, 2004

I’ve always tried to use this space to share some truths with you. Perhaps some personal discoveries, or maybe something funny that would help you to understand why we produced this particular play. Sometimes I’ve shared reasons why this group of artists had to gather together to tell this story. I’ve always tried to give you an insider’s view of what you were about to see.
This time, I’m truly at a loss. I have no funny story. No insider insights, no truths to share. I’m saddened to find myself feeling that we are very close to the tragedy that occurs in All Clear – that the end of our world could be around the corner. The response to the terrorist bombings of the Twin Towers is growing from one country to another, and we are creating more hatred and more enemies. It’s not a big leap to think that there could be a large response to our recent actions, and that we too will experience the destruction and devastation of our homes. It’s a very frightening thought.
I realize that this is a little dire and heavy. But this is what we are presenting to you – a view of the end of our world. While we were rehearsing this play, I kept feeling like Billie: “what did I do to deserve this?” I also feel strangely distant from the actual possibility, because I just don’t want to believe that we’re that destructive as a species. But then I go “wait a minute, we are that destructive”. And we have been all through our history.
The playwright said to me “I hope you have the courage to direct it – maybe you’ll be as doomed to tell it as I was to write it”. I’m not so sure if I feel “doomed”. In fact, I feel like I’ve found a new sense of wonder about the people close to me. If I’m able to share anything of value through this play, it’s that I encourage you all to have the courage to live your life to the fullest – to love your family and your friends and enemies and to cherish every minute of your existence.
And remember Bobby’s wise words – “we’ve always had to breathe”.