Director’s Note: Alias Godot

Sep 25, 2008

I am attracted to the world of absurd theatre and to the world of Beckett. I must admit that I secretly agree that life is indeed absurd, absurd that we even exist.
The landscape of the world we live in has changed vastly from post World War II when Waiting for Godot was written. However images of destruction are strongly with us today and the actual fears of a desolate world are even more present. We are more desperate for hope, and more starved for new beginnings and for positive change today than in the 1940’s.
Like the leaves on a tree in the spring, what keeps us keeping hope alive?
I believe that it is a part of the human condition to be both destructive and constructive. These polarities exist in all of us and we struggle with it on a daily personal scale and it manifests itself in our society.
We are capable of truly great and wonderful deeds, as well as horrific and terrible deeds, to each other and to our planet.
And maybe just maybe the best part of our selves will inch out ahead, and we will make the right choices in the future for our planet and ourselves.
Keep hope alive.