Director’s Note: A Beautiful View

Sep 20, 2007

I was compelled to direct this play after having seen the original production in Ottawa two years ago. I am thrilled to work on a play with two great roles for women and a great story that reveals the real beauty in a long friendship.
Where love and growth come from the truth being revealed.
I am an admirer of Daniel MacIvor’s plays where the actor is the story and at the same time the actor is telling us the story. The actor is the brush, the paint and the canvas.
A BEAUTIFUL VIEW is Daniel’s last play using his da da kamera signature style: stripped down theatricality that evokes more with less.
This seemingly simple method of telling a story lends itself to a world of theatre where the complexity is born from just being human.
Daniel has said that this play looks at personal labeling and how that gets in our way of achieving happiness and fulfillment.
I agree.
You are what you think you are.
I would add onto that, that it is also about our fears and facing those fears of our life, our life changing moments and how those moments are a catalyst for us to find our best self so that we may live up to our fullest potential.
And maybe, just maybe, sometimes we get lucky enough to share our lives with someone whom we can honestly trust our best and our worst selves with.