A Letter to The Editor

Apr 10, 2015

Thank you so much to Don for these kind words and to all of our dedicated subscribers, patrons and supporters. Letters like this help to keep us moving forward.
-Theatre Network
This Letter to the Editor was posted in the Edmonton Journal on April 8th, 2015.
I wish to commend the positive forces in our community; in particular how a beaten-down organization still manages to find resilience and life.
I attended the opening of Theatre Network’s new play Armstrong’s War, about a recovering wounded soldier. It rang so true that I felt like a peeping Twom spying into other people’s lives.

Then another triumph for a crew with no venue or rehearsal hall: It was announced that on April 9, Theatre Network would contribute $15 from each single ticket to support the No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation.
I’m humbled by their generosity, integrity and courage. Perhaps we look too hard and too long at money while others view the larger life picture. Support our culture; rebuild the Roxy.
Don Lucas, Sherwood Park