2018/2019 Season Announced!

Jul 11, 2018

Theatre Network Announces Season 44
at The Roxy on Gateway

After being honoured with the 2018 Sterling Award for Outstanding Production of a Play (Métis Mutt), Theatre Network is thrilled to announce another season of provocative new Canadian theatre at The Roxy on Gateway.
“Looking at our season of plays together, I see how timely these stories of perseverance over ignorance are. How one individual standing up against the system or against those in power can create great change in our society, and also how it takes a toll on the person pushing those changes.”
-Artistic & Executive Director, Bradley Moss
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Theatre Network
Mainstage Season 2018/2019

What a Young Wife Ought to Know
By Hannah Moscovitch
November 13th, 2018 to December 2nd, 2018
Previews: November 13th & 14th | Opening: November 15th
Inspired by true stories of young women during the birth control movement in the early 20th century, this unflinching love story follows a young working class woman in Ottawa. In a time where information on sexual health is withheld from her, Sophie is forced to exist in a society that refuses to acknowledge her as a person with desire, lust, and passion.

We Are Not Alone
A Crow’s Theatre and Segal Centre for Performing Arts Production
Starring and by Damien Atkins
Directed by Chris Abraham & Christian Barry
February 12th, 2019 to March 3rd, 2019
Previews: February 12th & 13th | Opening: February 14th
Do you believe in UFOs? Aliens? Government conspiracies? Join Damien Atkins in his return to Edmonton as he puts himself through a quest for truth. This personal story takes us to Roswell New Mexico, The International UFO Congress, and in search of inter-dimensional portals in the Arizona desert. Through Damien’s hilarious and honest portrayal we are introduced to individuals all around North America who want their stories to be heard and believed.

The World Premiere of
The Empress & The Prime Minister
By Darrin Hagen
April 16th, 2019 to May 5th, 2019
Previews: April 16th & 17th | Opening: April 18th
“There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” ­ – Pierre Trudeau, Minister of Justice, 1967
On the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada, Darrin Hagen premieres a new play about the life of drag queen ted northe, also known as the Empress of Canada. northe’s life’s of work of activism draws a young Minister of Justice, Pierre Trudeau to his side, and the two form a remarkable connection that changed Canada.
Featuring: Darrin Hagen & Joey Lesperance
Directed by Bradley Moss
Photo by Ryan Parker Photography
Nextfest 2019
A Production of The Nextfest Arts Company
May 30th – June 9th, 2019
A celebration of the creative voice of the next generation, Nextfest is a multidisciplinary art festival that promotes the development of over 500 emerging artists. A powerful voice in Edmonton’s festival season, Nextfest is curated to help young artists gain experience and hone their craft by offering original encounters in theatre, dance, music, film, visual art, and much more.
Festival Director: Ellen Chorley
Festival Manager: Maggie Baird
The Roxy Performance Series 2018/2019
Theatre Network continues to support excellence in Edmonton’s independent theatre scene by providing space for professional indie theatre companies with The Roxy Performance Series, curated by TN’s Artistic Director Bradley Moss. Here is what you can see in this year’s series.
Alberta Opera presents
Book by Farren Timoteo
Music by Jeff Unger
September 28th-30th, 2018
Under the starry Tuscan sky, a lonely puppet-maker longs to be reunited with his long-lost son. Much to his surprise, his wish is granted when his newest marionette, Pinocchio, is magically brought to life and promises to bring his son home. Join Pinocchio on a magnificent adventure across enchanting Italy, deep beneath the Mediterranean sea, and into the belly of an enormous shark in this award-winning fairy tale musical!
Special ticket prices for families available!

Bumble Bear Productions
Jezebel, at the Still Point
Performed and Created by Ainsley Hillyard & Jezebel the Dog
October 9th-21st, 2018
Previews October 9th & 10th | Opening October 11th
Obsessed with traveling to the past, an astronaut and her French bulldog, Jezebel, explore the universe attempting to unravel the mysteries of time travel. A tale of adventure, heroism, mortality, and love, it is a modern day Turner and Hooch, meets Space Jam, meets Einstein’s theory of relativity.  An interweaving of text, movement, and an untrained French bulldog, each show is a new adventure.
Blunt Entertainment presents
Oh! Christmas Tree
By Conni Massing
December 11th-23rd, 2018
Previews December 11th & 12th | Opening December 13th

Lucy, an overworked party planner with a doggedly sentimental attachment to Christmas, is looking forward to sharing her family’s holiday rituals (most of which involve spontaneous ethnic dances and eating stinky fish) with her fiancé Algar, especially now that they are living together. Algar, who loves Lucy but hates Christmas, decides to take a stand by refusing to put up a Christmas tree.
Ghost Writer Theatre presents
The World Premiere of
Minerva – Queen of the Handcuffs
By Ron Pearson
January 15th-27th, 2019
Previews January 15th & 16th | Opening January 17th
No binds can hold her! No box can contain her! She can escape from anything… anything but the clutches of the master himself! Minerva-Queen of the Handcuffs is the true story of the world’s most famous female escape artist and her rivalry with Harry Houdini. This world premiere production, features Edmonton’s own master escape artist, Miranda Allen.
Wild Side Productions presents
The Canadian Premiere of
Small Mouth Sounds
By Bess Wohl
March 12th-24th, 2019
Previews March 12th & 13th | Opening March 14th
Small Mouth Sounds lives in the mysterious silence enforced on six participants of a healing retreat. This small theatrical gem is ripe for theatrical exploration: its challenge and joy is watching damaged, questing characters just be, fumbling towards contact and looking for answers minus words. Without a traditional road map, actors and audiences must both fill in the gaps and go on a compelling, humorous and touching journey.

Hey Ladies!

October 26th, February 1st, March 29th, and May 10th
Miss Davina Stewart, Miss Cathleen Rootseart, Miss Leona Brausen and Mister Noel Taylor return for another high-energy season of the info-tainment, talk, and variety show on select Friday nights.

October 27th, February 2nd, and May 11th
After a successful first season of her cabaret series PattyZee@TheRoxy, PattyZee (actress and singer Patricia Zentilli) is back at the Roxy for three more shows! With more wonderful songs, stories and fancy guests.

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