Irma Voth


Irma and her sister Aggie live a reserved life on a Mennonite colony in Chihuahua, Mexico under the dutiful watch of their father. When a famous Mexican filmmaker and his crew arrives to shoot a movie within the colony, the artists involved inspire Irma to seek out new ideas and bravely blaze a trail for her and her sister. Faced with an unsupportive community, the girls are driven to discover how to live life on their own terms.

Featuring: Kendra Connor, Chris Craddock, Kristi Hansen, Todd Houseman & Andréa Jorawsky.
Directed by Bradley Moss
Set & Costume Design: Megan Koshka
Sound Design: Aaron Macri
Lighting Design: Scott Peters

Winner of the 2016 Alberta Playwrights’ Network Alberta Playwriting Competition Grand Prize